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Our experience with Acoustiblok was absolutely positive and even exceeded our expectations...
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Sound Abatement Basics

Science Fair Project with Acoustiblok

Science Fair Project

Josh Murphy of Broadwater Academy did a Science Fair presentation to determine if a sound barrier does reduce noise, and which type of barrier is the most effective in reducing unwanted noise. His conclusion: A combination of 16 oz. Acoustiblok and sound engineered plywood was the most effective in reducing noise. We were very happy to furnish Josh with samples of our materials, and swapped an Acoustiblok T-shirt for the photo shown above. Even in the 9th grade, independent 3rd party tests confirm that Acoustiblok really works.

Architectural Acoustics Resources

Many excellent reference and educational resources for architectural acoustics and related design and construction issues are available on the Internet. When requirements for "soundproofing" or "sound proofing materials" come up, these resources may provide adequate solutions to many routine problems, and help to identify situations where a qualified professional acoustical consultant should be brought in. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but should provide an excellent starting point for learning more about architectural acoustics and specific issues in sound quality and noise control.

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Contact Acoustiblok with your design and installation questions. Independent acoustical laboratory reports giving full acoustical data for numerous construction designs using Acoustiblok sound barrier material and other Acoustiblok products are available on request.

Architectural Acoustics
by M. David Egan
Architectural Acoustics

If you only buy one reference book on architectural acoustics, this should be the one. Architectural Acoustics  by M. David Egan gives a complete overview of the practical applications of acoustical science to construction, from basic physics of sound to specific challenges and solutions. Very effective examples and illustrations accompany common sense explanations anyone can follow. Acoustics professionals agree, Architectural Acoustics stands out as the unique classic in its field.

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Canadian Institute for
Research in Construction

Research in Construction

The Canadian Institute for Research in Construction website provides very extensive educational and reference documents related to building design and technology, including architectural acoustics. The documents linked below are only a very small sample of what is available there:

Control of Sound Transmission through Gypsum Board Walls
An introduction to conventional wall construction techniques that reduce sound transmission. Provides STC numbers for comparison.

Controlling the Transmission of Airborne Sound through Floors
An overview of the effectiveness of conventional construction techniques, covering both wooden joist and concrete slab designs. Provides STC numbers for comparison.

Controlling the Transmission of Impact Sound through Floors
An overview of the effectiveness of conventional construction techniques, covering both wooden and concrete slab designs. Provides IIC numbers for comparison.

Flanking Transmission in Framed Buildings
Three reports that describe how sound is transmitted through the frame of a building, and how different construction techniques affect this. These reports are available for download as 3 large PDF files.

Masonry Advisory
masonry logo

The Masonry Advisory Council provides many valuable construction resources, including technical information, articles on new products and technologies, and an online cost estimator.

Sound Research Data:
This page from the Masonry Advisory Council gives STC (Sound Transmission Class) data for many typical masonry walls. It is helpful to know that a "CMU" is a "Concrete Masonry Unit", a.k.a. cinderblock, when reading this table. Also gives STC and IIC ratings for hollow core precast concrete floors, and acoustical data on specially made concrete "diffuser blocks" used as facing material. This data is useful for estimating the acoustical properties of masonry walls, including the thickness and weight required to obtain specified STC ratings with masonry alone.

Institute of Noise Control 
Engineering of the USA
ince logo

The Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA (INCE/USA) is a non-profit professional organization incorporated in Washington, DC. A primary purpose of the Institute is to promote engineering solutions to environmental noise problems.

Acoustiblok Inc. is a long time member of INCE/USA.

Draft Glossary Of Terms Used In Noise Control Engineering:
This 9-section glossary is one of the most complete guides to acoustics terminology available.

Municode.communicode logo

From the website: "Municipal Code Corporation is the leader in the ordinance codification industry because we are committed to customer service and dedicated to staying abreast of technology. Contained on this website are Codes for more than 1,500 local governments in searchable online databases..."

Municode lives up to this. Their site is usually the first place to check when questions about local code requirements come up.

Custom Electronics
Design & Installation
cedia logo

Home Cinema installations require close attention to acoutsical factors, to produce high quality in the listening room, and minimum disturbance through the rest of the home. CEDIA certified designers are fully qualified in architectural acoustics.

Acoustics - Meanings, Myths and Misconceptions
This CEDIA article provides an introduction to basic architectural acoustics terminology, and sets many common "myths and misconceptions" straight.

The CEDIA Finder Service
This CEDIA search utility will help you find a CEDIA certified home cinema consultant or contractor in your area.

QuietClassrooms.orgquiet classrooms logo

From the website: "Quiet Classrooms is an alliance of non-profit organizations working to create better learning environments in schools by reducing noise. Quiet background noise levels and good classroom acoustics are important for good learning. This is true for students in general and hearing impaired students in particular."

Classroom Acoustics
This online booklet (PDF format available) is one of the best introductions to architectural acoustics on the Internet. It covers many aspects of building design that affect sound quality, explaining general principles and providing examples of simple solutions to common problems. Fully applicable to offices and institutional buildings as well as classrooms.

* The words "soundproofing" or "sound proofing" do not mean 100% sound elimination, which is impossible. Use the supplied STC, IIC, and NRC ratings from independent lab test reports to estimate the results of installing Acoustiblok® products.

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