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Multi-Family Sound Insulation

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As more cities and states legislate strict sound control ordinances, finding effective solutions becomes paramount.

Consequently Architects, Developers, and Builders are forced to find building products that will meet these tough building codes. Installing effective sound attenuating products during new construction is more cost effective than attempting to solve a sound problem after completion.

The problem of sound attenuation in buildings, condominiums, and apartments is rarely addressed properly. Desiring maximum usage of the property, designs generally include a common slab and block or studs walls separating the units. If the building is multi-level, there are wooden floor joists and ceiling joists throughout the units. To this structure studs, fiberglass insulation and drywall are added. This design is not always an effective sound barrier. The reason is that there is still a mechanical connection from one unit to the other.

By installing Acoustiblok® over the studs, ceiling and floor joists, sound can be effectively stopped before it vibrates the structure. Acoustiblok® is a flexible, dense material that reduces sound by 26db. A 32 oz. product (STC 32) is also available for challenging noise problems. See the Industrial and Commercial page for more information. Acoustiblok® is UL Classified and approved for fire rated walls, floors and ceiling designs. Visit www.ul.com for more information.

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Installation is simple and requires no special tools. Acoustiblok® is effective when properly installed. All seams should be sealed with tape and acoustical caulk creating an air tight seal. Decoupling the mechanical connections between units is essential in achieving maximum results. While designs differ, we are confident Acoustiblok® will effectively improve your STC and IIC ratings. Presently our multi-family clients span from California to Florida. Soon multi-family projects in Europe, Central America and Australia will have Acoustiblok® installed.


At the new Ko'olani luxury condominium in Honolulu Hawaii, Acoustiblok was built into the penthouse floors. The results were so outstanding that the developer/builder has now required that the Acoustiblok floor system be used in all units having solid floors.

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Schell Brothers has an excellent reputation of providing our homeowners with quality construction and excellent customer service. One or our premier projects is the Windswept Condos located in the Peninsula Resort.

Ensuring the Resort's tranquility and serenity be experienced in each unit, Schell Brothers chose Acoustiblok for noise abatement. We have installed Acoustiblok on the floor joist and walls. As builders we really like how easy the material is installed compared to other products. It is just very heavy! We built an A frame roller system enabling us to buy the master rolls.

Although the project is still under construction, we were amazed that the noise from chop saws, nail guns, compressors and blasts were drastically reduced. Along with our other measures taken to reduce noise, Acoustiblok has provided great results!

Chris Azsec

I live in an older hi-rise condo on Bayshore and, while the building is extremely well built, I have one contiguous wall with a neighbor where sound was "bleeding" through ( in fact they could tell what TV program I was watching or radio station I was listening to - I'm the loud one ).

After doing some research I decided to install Acoustiblok. A friend and I did it in one day. The product has exceeded my expectations and I now have a happy neighbor. An added bonus, it's a local company.

Thank you,
Susan from Tampa

To The Prospective Customers of Acoustiblok:

knightWhen we started looking at this product, I was on a short time table and was not sure what I was looking for. We found the customer service department to be great. They helped get the information and the pricing to us for our project. When it came to ordering and handling the product, they out did themselves again. We could not be any happier and looking forward to using them and their products again.

James Banks, Estimator
Kight Home Center
Corporate Headquarters
Evansville, IN 47715


Premier Property Group, Inc

We use AcoustiBlok faithfully in our construction. Our TerraVilla Masterplanned Community being one of the projects we've used it in. We love the product and can't say enough about it!!

Ann Seaquist
Premier Property Group, Inc.
TerraVilla Community



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The words "soundproofing" (100% Sound elimination), which is impossible to achieve with Acoustiblok material or any other product.
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