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Acoustiblok Geluidpaneel voor goede Ruimte Akoestiek

Acoustiblok interior sound panels provide superior acoustical performance in an affordable, modluar package with a durable & washable facing developed for high impact areas, even hand level in cafetoriums, corridors, and industrial applications. Contact Acoustiblok for pricing, availablity, and technical support.

Cutaway view of wall panel


Quiet Coordinates

Low priced, easy to install, high acoustical performance, quick shipment to meet your schedule.

Quiet Coordinates is designed for multi-use application with different looks for different uses

Three acoustical systems in one: Wall panels, baffles, clouds and ceilings, all with a variety of options

Two suspension systems - Each with only three components

Modular Quiet Coordinates: 3" wide, designed specifically for high abuse areas such as gyms and swimming pools with unique accessories to hang as a cloud or attach to the roof deck, support pennants and flags. Provides a picture frame look to the finished panel.

Slim/Mate Quiet Coordinates: 1" wide PVC extrusion system designed for application in controlled environments such as libraries and churches, and can be attached directly to existing ceilings. Easy to install.

Both Suspension Systems have no exposed fasteners and can be easily moved to other locations.

Variety of Panel Facings

  • Five Glass Cloth Facings, each with a different look, extremely durable and completely fire resistant.
  • Two Encapsulated Fabric Facings - Sailcloth and PVC with a combined total of 24 colors to select from.
  • Impact Plus - 1/16" Co-polymer perforated panel laminated to the QC Core. Panel can be faced with Glass Cloth Facing or field painted.
  • Impact Tack - 1/8" x 18lb. High Density Top Sheet laminated to the Quiet Coordinates Core, and faced with the fabric of your choice.
  • Both Impact Panels add high durability without sacrificing sound absorption.


Panels Colors and more...

Both Glass Cloth and Impact Panels including the Suspension System can be field finished in over 1000 Standard colors without effecting the acoustical values.

Bonus Features:

  • The total system doesn't support the growth of mold and mildew according to independent lab tests.
  • Quiet Coordinates provide the most value per Sabin of absorption of any product in the industry.


High Acoustical Performance

Interior Sound Panel Test Results

indoor picture bullets



Acoustical Baffle Systems

Acoustiblok Baffles Systems provide the most sound absorption per unit because they are effective in absorption from all sides.

Baffles are widely used in gyms, swimming pools, and industrial applications.

Baffle acoustical performance is usually stated in Sabins per 2' x 4' unit.

Most popular facing is nylon sailcloth with a fabric look without the fabric price. PVC is available in various colors and at a lower price.


Ceiling Tiles / Clouds

Available in large sizes up to 5' x 10' without sag.

Abuse-resistance for installation in standard or modular suspension.

Highest Noise Reduction available for application in the Open Plan Office Environment.

Completely resistant to high humidity, with your choice of five facings.

acoustical ceilings

The words "soundproofing" (100% Sound elimination), which is impossible to achieve with Acoustiblok material or any other product.
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