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Geluidsisolatie met 3 mm Acoustiblok | ABC Geluid voor uw geluidsisolatie Tel.: 0182-353385

Our experience with Acoustiblok was absolutely positive and even exceeded our expectations...
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Geluidsisolatie voor boot of schip : Marine Sound Insulation

Acoustiblok: geluidsisolatie product voor de geluidisolatie voor alle geluisbronnen in de maritieme sector zoals bootmotoren, generatoren, wooncabines etc.
Finally a sound deadening material that is waterproof, simple to install and works better than lead. Noise from engine rooms, generators and structure vibrations can prevent hearing normal conversations. Not only is the loud noise annoying, but it lessens the enjoyment of your outing. Acoustiblok® can effectively treat many sources of marine noise.

The Romantica: Luxurious from the Inside Out

The Romantica has been built with Acoustiblok throughout the yacht, stand-alone in decks and ceilings, and as a isolating layer in prefabricated panels. The owner was so pleased with the results, that our next project to be built in Europe, a 125 foot yacht, will also be built with Acoustiblok sound isolation throughout all bulkheads and decks.


A happy yacht builder writes:

Danube Marine is a young company specialized in the completion of luxury motor yachts, from A to Z including Superyachts. When the 102 Ft long hull that will one day become the fast and luxurious Yacht "Romantica" was delivered for completion on their shore of the Danube, they encountered the problem of noise control.

yacht in dock

Immediately under the main deck with the beautiful lounging area, two huge MTU turbocharged engines with 2250 HP each will be roaring, along with power plants for electrics, airco equipment and water makers! Having all those noise sources only two inches away from the dining table, they were desperate for solutions.

Acoustical consultant Willem Kraan strongly advised the use of Acoustiblok® as the main product for all sound abatement aboard. Acoustiblok® turned out to be an easy to apply product that has proven to be excellent in all conditions, also in a harsh salt water environment. Danube says they are very pleased by the way Acoustiblok® turned out to be a high performance, versatile and easy to install sound isolator! Although the "Romantica" has not been launched yet, test with noise generators has proven the isolation is very satisfactory!

(See the complete letter & contact info on our International page.)

marine soundproofing *, marine sound insulation with Acoustiblok, the leading sound insulation material for commercial & residential uses


Install Acoustiblok® in the overhead, forward and aft bulkhead, as well as hatch doors to reduce engine room noise.

Acoustiblok® can be installed under carpets and decks to dampen noise radiating from machinery and engine rooms and from structure vibrations.

Install Acoustiblok® in cabins, walls, partitions and ceilings.



The Fugro Explorer - Geotechnical Drilling Vessel


The Fugro Explorer's common room is located directly above the engine room, which creates the kind of noise problem Acoustiblok is uniquely suited to resolve. Acoustiblok was installed over Acoustipad on the deck of the common room, and carpet was laid on top it. The contractor who did the installation tells us, "The noise problem was solved - the customer is very happy with the results of installing Acoustiblok.


Acoustical sound insulation

Engine noise is something most boat owners take for granted, but Acoustiblok is the easy way to change all that.
Looking like a thin sheet of rubber like fabric, this waterproof material is resistant to oil and grease, extremely flexible, easily cut and laid in place around corners, and can be stapled or glued into place.
Once in place, the company says it reduces sound transmission by 26db. What makes that impressive is the
fact that lead can reduce


sound transmission by a maximum of only 20db.
Made with no lead or asbestos materials, Acoustiblok is environmentally safe and will not compress when installed beneath carpet. It can be installed anywhere sound levels are a concern, including along aft bulkheads, salon flooring, hatches or the interior of the engine room. Water proof, UV resistant and surpassing UL94 burn tests...
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Acoustiblok may well be one of the easiest ways to dampen noise levels aboard a boat. Whether your vessel is an express cruiser or a passage making trawler, adding Acoustiblok insulation can make it quieter and thus a more pleasant place to be. Southern Boating.

Recent Article Review
on page 25 of
World Super Yacht 2003

Sound Blocker Tested
Wouldn’t it be nice if powerboats were as silent as sailboats? It might seem strange at first, but we’d quickly get used to conversing at normal levels. All we can do, however, is make our boats as quiet as possible. I recently witnessed its effectiveness in a Hatteras 42 Convertible with 440-hp Yanmar diesels that I spend a good deal of time every summer.

One feature that recommended Acoustiblok, whose motto is “When what you don’t hear counts,” to the owner was its new light gray color (it’s also available in black). Another was its thickness, or rather thinness, of only .11”.

Acoustiblok is a flexible, extremely dense, UV- and fire-resistant vinyl material that sheds oil, grease and water and can be easily cut and easily attached to virtually any surface with screws, nails, staples or glue. It contains no lead or asbestos, yet it exceeds lead’s sound-deadening capability. In an engine room, it can be installed on the sidewalls and bulkheads as well as overhead. Beneath cockpits, it can be installed under the deck as well as on sidewalls and bulkheads, and it can be laid under the carpet (it won’t compress).We laid it under the carpet of the Hatteras’ salon, where it acted as padding, making the carpet much more comfortable to stretch out on.

as padding, making the carpet much more comfortable to stretch out on.

As can be the case, it was impractical to install Acoustiblok on the outer walls or on the bulkheads of the salon, but we put it in the engine room directly below the salon-just on the sidewalls and headliner and on the undersides of the hatches. (The bulkheads had too much machinery on them for us to tackle installing it there.)

At idle speed, a reading of 74 decibels in the salon without Acoustiblok dropped to 72 with it. At 1500 rpm, there was a three-decibel drop, which was the case at 2500 and 3000 rpm as well. At WOT (3400 rpm), the difference was four decibels (86 vs. 82).
Acoustiblok comes in 4’6”-wide rolls, 30 feet and 60 feet in length. It costs about $2.50 per square foot (psf). The standard material, which we used, is 16-ounce Acoustiblok, which weighs one pound psf. Two-pound-psf Acoustiblok is also available. In addition to being heavier, it is thicker and not as easy to work with, but it’s said to be almost twice as effective and costs only a bit more.

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The words "soundproofing" (100% Sound elimination), which is impossible to achieve with Acoustiblok material or any other product.
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